Yoga with Cats!

It is well established what having a pet can do for your blood pressure. Reports suggest a decrease of around 10 points for some folks. This got me thinking: I wonder what we do for their blood pressure. It seems like our presence in a relaxed setting sends them to the moon as they demonstrate their pleasure, purring, arching, stretching, rolling.

When our kitty numbers in the shelter started rising, we could no longer allow them to roam the clinic. It wasn’t safe for them and it was dangerous for sensitive diagnostic equipment, especially when it came to electrical cords. Ultimately,  we sacrificed one of our surgical suites, where they hang our day and night, visible to staff and volunteers, but invisible to the public.

People come in almost daily with a desire to see the pets that we have for adoption. But because they are in the back amongst all the business, there is liability and inability to allow them to see the pets. They are directed online to see ‘pictures’ of them. Needless to say, we are slow to adopt many of our cats.

Something had to be done. So at the end of last year, we gutted one of the exam rooms to the right of reception with the intent to create a beautiful space for these beautiful creatures, a place where people could observe our cats in action, for as long as they liked! Sometimes, there’s not too much action (hee, hee, I mean they are cats!).

Rusty lounging

Rusty sums it up in this picture!

Coming very soon, this room will be open for the cats … AND … Yoga! Everyone says “What?” and looks at me sideways a little when I say this. But after a few minutes they say “I want to do that!” I found myself saying the say. So soon, we can look forward to either a session with a real-life Yogi or a large screen HD video of a Yogi (beginner, intermediate, advanced) allowing people to come in at a time that works for them.

Stay tuned …Namaste.