Welcome! to the ABP Blog

We thought we would start a blog site to expand a little further on stories, ideas, updates. Currently there are about 23 pets at the shelter! That’s a record for us.

Sora (Charlotte) is coming along nicely. She had surgery about 1 week ago to remove the broken bone in her hip. She likely will be going home with one of the technicians at AVC that fell in love with her!

Piper appears all better. No more problems with the parvo virus that almost killed her (be sure to get puppies vaccinated on time at 8, 12 and 16 weeks and be careful about anyone coming into the home (removing shoes is best) to prevent virus from entering the home on peoples’ feet!

Gabbi (Siamese kitty) came in looking like she was dying. At one point we contemplated euthanasia for her. But a trial with steroids proved to work wonders. We don’t understand what is wrong with her (brain tumor is possible) but hope to find a home comfortable with taking one day at a time.

We have at least 1 other pet coming in soon with broken front legs (shoulder on the right and lower arm on the left). The family recently adopted her and are not attached. They initially thought to euthanize her but today we have word that she will come to us this evening. She is a beautiful Yorkie and only a few years old. We will take good care of her. Surgery will be scheduled ASAP!

Stay tuned. We will have more stories with details to come!