Update For ABP

The All Better Pets team had a great time in its 1st Annual Dog Paddle in Boston. We are so excited to do it again next year! Please consider joining to watch or to paddle. We raised about $6000 for the event. Our beautiful fence was completed and the dogs are really enjoying themselves spending more time outside. Here is a video of the race for anyone interested in seeing what it is all about.

Cody (the little Yorkie with the broken leg) went home! His leg is healed and he is having a great time with his new family. They send us updates and it sounds like life could not be better for the little man!

We still have quite a few very nice pets ready for homes and hope the summer weather will bring people out more.

Gwen Stacy is still will us. She is walking so well. We noticed that her urine is a little more yellow than normal and there is some concern for her liver. We will be following up today to be sure that everything on the inside is working properly (liver especially). If she checks out, it’s off to a new home soon I am sure. She will make someone a beautiful companion. She has a wonderful, inspiring temperament. It is hard to believe she has come so far. Here is Gwen outside after a good night’s rest (in her jammies).

Gwen in her jammies

Gwen in her jammies