Preparing for the 1st Annual Dog Paddle

All Better Pets is raising money for a new outdoor play area for the dogs. We thought that the Dragon Boat races in Boston would be a great way to increase awareness for the pets confined and waiting for homes. We also thought it would be a fun time for people to get together for a great cause. Our motto ‘many hands make light work’ will be put into action on June14th-15th 2014 as we all pull our boat to the finish line.

We have about 15 paddlers so far (and are looking for a few more). Many of the paddlers do not know each other but will meet for the first time when practice sessions are scheduled.

Most of us are increasing our time at the gym, spending a little extra time on those rowing machines!

Two races will be held on Saturday June 14th and the final race will occur on Sunday June 15th. There will be an additional event the Thursday evening before the races in Boston thanks to Mary Schwager. Stay tuned for time and location of the Thursday event.

Below is a link to donate toward the fence. Individual paddlers are also seeking sponsors: