Molly’s Progress

Tracking Molly’s Progress

Molly came to us one cold winter evening with four broken legs after being hit by a plow truck. Her owner, a war veteran, couldn’t afford to save her. But rather than humane euthanasia, the owner decided to surrender his dog so that we could find a way to save her. But, rather than save her and find her a new home, we feel it’s important to reunite Molly with her owner. You can read more about Molly here, and track her progress below. Thanks for your support!


Thank you to our donors!

All Better Pets is our 501(c) non-profit, created for abandoned, injured, homeless animals. To date we have cared for and placed over 200 pets. If you or someone you know would like to make a donation for Molly’s care, please call (603-669-2002) or email ( or even better, stop by to see us!

*If requested we can send you a receipt. Any donation can be claimed on your tax return.