Your generosity has helped save Molly!

It’s with a warm heart that we can happily say that we’ve reached and exceeded our goal for Molly! The money raised will go toward not only surgery but after care. Thank you to everyone!
Molly’s pain is well under control. She has finally started eating for us. We checked blood work and scanned her belly with ultrasound and except for a little anemia (bleeding into her bones) she appears to be okay!
Surgery has been scheduled for Saturday. Our goal is to have all limbs repaired, which may take 8-10 hours, as long as Molly is able to do well under anesthesia. The nursing staff is great and will be monitoring Molly closely throughout the procedure.
Over the next few weeks, we will help Molly begin to use her legs and prevent her from falling while recovering.
She has an incredibly gentle spirit. She lets us move her when necessary without complaint. Amazing!
Please visit again for updates and pictures!