Community Support Is Saving Pets’ Lives

Meet Dan, a beautiful puppy that came to All Better Pets about 6 months ago. He was adopted at about 12 weeks of age but returned due to being too active for the family. Later her was adopted and suddenly returned as the new owner was moving. Yesterday he was finally adopted again by a couple excited to welcome him into their home. After only 2 hours in his new home he became paralyzed in his rear limbs. It is believed that Dan, thinking he could fly jumped from a top step.

Our hearts sank when we received the phone call. The new owner was devastated and returned him to All Better Pets. Dan needs a new name … Boomerang!

All kidding aside, Dan cannot walk and we are concerned about a ruptured or protruding disc in his back. Tomorrow morning he will be anesthetized for a CT scan at AVC.


Stay tuned for updates.