Preparing for the 1st Annual Dog Paddle

All Better Pets is raising money for a new outdoor play area for the dogs. We thought that the Dragon Boat races in Boston would be a great way to increase awareness for the pets confined and waiting for homes. We also thought it would be a fun time for people to get together for a great cause. Our motto 'many hands make light work' will be put into action on June14th-15th 2014 as we all pull our boat to the finish line. We have about 15 paddlers so far (and are looking for a few more). Many … [Read more...]

Welcome! to the ABP Blog

We thought we would start a blog site to expand a little further on stories, ideas, updates. Currently there are about 23 pets at the shelter! That's a record for us. Sora (Charlotte) is coming along nicely. She had surgery about 1 week ago to remove the broken bone in her hip. She likely will be going home with one of the technicians at AVC that fell in love with her! … [Read more...]