Yoga with Cats!

It is well established what having a pet can do for your blood pressure. Reports suggest a decrease of around 10 points for some folks. This got me thinking: I wonder what we do for their blood pressure. It seems like our presence in a relaxed setting sends them to the moon as they demonstrate their pleasure, purring, arching, stretching, rolling. When our kitty numbers in the shelter started rising, we could no longer allow them to roam the clinic. It wasn't safe for them and it was … [Read more...]

All Better Biscuits

All Better Pets has always been creative when it comes to helping pets in need. We are introducing our line of biscuits. Here is a picture of our first batch called  'Olivia's Favorite Biscuit'. Many of you know Olivia personally. She was originally an All Better Pet and now lives with Dr. Kelloway (who mostly lives at AVC!) so she's in a lot of pictures. She is the official Biscuit Baroness. If a new ingredient doesn't  pass muster with Olivia, it doesn't go into the biscuit. Recipes have been … [Read more...]

Molly’s Home for Christmas!

Join us as we celebrate Christmas with Molly. … [Read more...]

Attacked by House Mate

This poor girl was attacked a second time by her house mate. This can be an impossible situation for a pet owner when two pets cannot get along. Does one get euthanized or eventually  killed in a fight? This pet was graciously surrendered. Not an easy decision. Faced with the uncertainty of healing and the possibility of deadly infection this pet was surrendered to All Better Pets with the hope that treatment and recovery would be possible. Returning to the home is not possible This is where … [Read more...]

Rosebud’s Journey

Rosebud came through the AVC emergency room back in July as a 10 week old very sick puppy. She was surrendered as she had not only been diagnosed with parvo but a heart condition as well called Patent Ductus Arteriosis. Her prognosis was really uncertain and even if she did survive deadly parvo she would still have a battle ahead of her. With great care, Rosebud was able to get through her parvo and after 2 weeks in isolation she was brought into the mix of the All Better Pets family! … [Read more...]

Update For ABP

The All Better Pets team had a great time in its 1st Annual Dog Paddle in Boston. We are so excited to do it again next year! Please consider joining to watch or to paddle. We raised about $6000 for the event. Our beautiful fence was completed and the dogs are really enjoying themselves spending more time outside. Here is a video of the race for anyone interested in seeing what it is all about. Cody (the little Yorkie with the broken leg) went home! His leg is … [Read more...]

Day 3-Dan Walked!

The CT scan was performed yesterday. The radiologist did not see any broken bones or herniated disc! Yay! Most likely there is simply swelling and pain. Dan managed to get up on his own this evening and walk! We were pretty happy about that. He will continue with his current medications of steroids and pain killers at least for the next 2-3 days. … [Read more...]

Go Gwen Go!

Gwen Stacy came to AVC about 5 weeks ago after being hit by a car. Her pelvis was broken and although the bones were expected to heal on their own, the ongoing damage to her skin causing her to undergo surgery continued to be the main obstacle. A large repair to remove dead tissue and fluid that had built up was done 1 week ago. We started to wonder if Gwen would ever walk and how well. Today was her first real-walking day! Even on a slippery surface she was determined to … [Read more...]

Day 2 for Dan

Dan continues to be about the same as yesterday. He is still unable to use his rear limbs. Dan underwent anesthesia and a CT scan was done this morning. Although normally we would get results quickly, we may not see results from the radiologist until tomorrow due to the holiday. Thank you to Jamie who came in last minute to help with the scan and Sarah J for doing such a nice job running the scan. Dan continues to be cheerful and otherwise his little, sweet self. We will post more … [Read more...]

Community Support Is Saving Pets’ Lives

Meet Dan, a beautiful puppy that came to All Better Pets about 6 months ago. He was adopted at about 12 weeks of age but returned due to being too active for the family. Later her was adopted and suddenly returned as the new owner was moving. Yesterday he was finally adopted again by a couple excited to welcome him into their home. After only 2 hours in his new home he became paralyzed in his rear limbs. It is believed that Dan, thinking he could fly jumped from a top step. Our hearts sank … [Read more...]