All Better Biscuits

All Better Pets has always been creative when it comes to helping pets in need. We are introducing our line of biscuits. Here is a picture of our first batch called  ‘Olivia’s Favorite Biscuit’. Many of you know Olivia personally. She was originally an All Better Pet and now lives with Dr. Kelloway (who mostly lives at AVC!) so she’s in a lot of pictures. She is the official Biscuit Baroness. If a new ingredient doesn’t  pass muster with Olivia, it doesn’t go into the biscuit. Recipes have been long in the baking (we mean making). We have tried spearmint for good breath (yuck, no way, according to Olivia and a few or her friends); peanut butter with carob (absolutely, woof woof), sweet potato (yes, yes). Soon we will try spent grains from a local brewery! Stay tuned …


Fresh out of the oven!

Fresh out of the oven!



Our first batch is ready! Gluten-free Garbanzo Turmeric. Come on down for a bag or two! Served daily at 55 Carl Drive, Manchester, NH. New flavors coming …


Black and White Bags




Dogs paddle and run when they are sleeping. Their eyes move and sometimes they whimper. Have you ever wondered what they are thinking about? Chocolate! That’s right, we think that it’s chocolate that causes all of that REM activity. To satisfy that craving, we created a biscuit full of carob, a safe alternative to chocolate and a great imitator. These biscuits are heavenly. Defatted peanut butter has also been added just to make them over-the-top yummy.


Carob Cravings!