About Us

All Better Pets was established in 2010 by a small animal veterinarian and volunteers at Manchester NH’s Center for Advanced Veterinary Care,  with a mission to provide care for abandoned and homeless pets.  In 2012, All Better Pets officially became a 501(c)3 non-profit.  To date, All Better Pets has ‘mended’ and placed over 200 animals through its facility and helped hundreds of animals working through other organizations. Beyond caring for injured and sick pets, All Better Pets works with other rescue groups to remove pets from high-kill shelters. In October 2012, All Better Pets received its first transport of dogs from one of the country’s highest kill shelters! Thanks to wonderful volunteers, we continue looking for ways to help.Animal Shelter in Manchester NH

Our mission is clear.  We are the last chance for pets. We care for the ones that have no other alternative to euthanasia. No human to be their advocate.These pets are homeless (stray) or surrendered and usually injured or suffering from an untreated but treatable condition. They often arrive to the ER looking hopeless.

We are not a shelter providing care for pets currently in a home with owners that cannot afford their care. We encourage pet owners in such a situation to be an advocate for their pet and seek financial assistance from friends, family or charitable organizations. We do help these pet owners make informed decisions about the condition of their pet and the care needed. As many in the community already know, we take a practical approach to the care of serious conditions so that all resources are used wisely giving pets the best chance of remaining in a home with an owner committed to their care.

All Better Pets has also joined forces with mental health and substance abuse programs to help marginalized, struggling people get back on their feet. Pets often give people purpose AND hope.

In the future we hope to be able to work with the elderly in providing them with a senior pet in need of a loving home. Our purpose would be to provide the elderly with companionship  without the financial burden that could come with a pet’s illness.

About Our Program

Currently, pets are ‘fostered’ at the shelter where they are safe and can be evaluated for temperament and underlying medical conditions. Often they will go home for a short time with a trained volunteer to allow better evaluation of the pet in a normal setting. While in foster they acquire a sense of stability, learn basic training, and are given the opportunity to interact with children, adults, and other pets. Each pet is carefully screened for disease prior to going into foster and monitored for any signs of illness while in foster.  All necessary vaccines and preventatives (heartworm/flea and tick/deworming) are administered prior to going into foster.

How One Dog and A Country Change Everything for All Better Pets

Many of you learned about All Better Pets because of Molly, the dog hit by a snowplow December 2013, sustaining 4 broken limbs. The outpouring of support allowed us not only to get Molly back on all 4 feet, but to reach out to many other abandoned pets with serious medical needs. We have also been able to help other shelters with pets that are in desperate need.

Through this site we will be sharing with you stories of other pets presenting to the ER with serious illness or injury that have recovered and found incredible love! We will also share stories about volunteers behind the scenes that give so much of their time and energy.

All Better Pets  is extremely careful with how it uses any funds. Although we would love to help every person with a pet that has a medical condition, our mission is focused on caring for pets that have been abandoned and have no one left to care for them. While we do not believe in unnecessary suffering, we will never refuse to care for an abandoned pet in need. This is not possible without the wonderful support from all of you (financial, emotional, physical, spiritual!). You can contact us directly to make a donation to All Better Pets: (603) 413-0454, visit us at 55 Carl Drive (off South Willow, near the airport), or fill out our contact form). We know that what we do would not be possible without YOU!


Here’s the original email that helped Molly during a time of incredible need, sent out to 10 people but ultimately reaching thousands!

Dear Friends,


I write this to you on behalf of Molly, a 3 yr old Australian Shepherd, hit last evening (Tuesday, Dec. 17th) by a plow truck. She came to our emergency room in her owner’s arms, unable to walk and bleeding. A quick assessment demonstrated that she was mentally okay (and even wagged her tail!) and did not appear to have serious internal injury. X-rays however, revealed that she has broken all 4 limbs.

The owner stated when he arrived to the ER that he had no means to care for Molly’s injuries and asked about taking her home to die. The doctor on duty discussed humane euthanasia. I was spending the night at AVC with my children as the storm meant that my husband would be plowing and clearing the walkways for the evening. When we returned from dinner, I met Molly, heard the story and saw the syringe of euthanasia laying on the counter beside her. “Is there another option for her” I asked myself.

So with confidence that we could get a group of people to help Molly, we offered surrender to the owner, to allow us to make decisions for her. The owner, in tears, agreed to give her up. He left the building crying.

Save Molly – Help this Veteran

As Molly’s owner drove away, the receptionist who was clearing the walkways, noticed the license plate, “Veteran.” This man came to us with no money, no plan and no expectation. I want to give a veteran something wonderful for Christmas … his dog. Will you help me get the word out?Save Molly I am looking for 200 people to contribute $20 or 400 people to contribute $10. These are fractures that I cannot repair myself and will need to bring in a surgeon. I estimate our cost to the surgeon will approach $4000. We feel that Molly’s injuries are treatable.

All Better Pets is our 501(c) non-profit, created for abandoned, injured, homeless animals. To date we have cared for and placed over 200 pets. If you or someone you know would like to make a donation for Molly’s care, please call (603-669-2002) or email (info@avcnh.com) or even better, stop by to see us!

You can also make a donation online by going to our Go Fund Me campaign.

*If requested we can send you a receipt. Any donation can be claimed on your tax return.

Dr. Deborah Kelloway