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Day 3-Dan Walked!

The CT scan was performed yesterday. The radiologist did not see any broken bones or herniated disc! Yay! Most likely there is simply swelling and pain. Dan managed to get up on his own this evening and walk! We were pretty happy about that. He will continue with his current medications of steroids and pain killers at least for the next 2-3 days. … [Read more...]

Go Gwen Go!

Gwen Stacy came to AVC about 5 weeks ago after being hit by a car. Her pelvis was broken and although the bones were expected to heal on their own, the ongoing damage to her skin causing her to undergo surgery continued to be the main obstacle. A large repair to remove dead tissue and fluid that had built up was done 1 week ago. We started to wonder if Gwen would ever walk and how well. Today was her first real-walking day! Even on a slippery surface she was determined to … [Read more...]

Day 2 for Dan

Dan continues to be about the same as yesterday. He is still unable to use his rear limbs. Dan underwent anesthesia and a CT scan was done this morning. Although normally we would get results quickly, we may not see results from the radiologist until tomorrow due to the holiday. Thank you to Jamie who came in last minute to help with the scan and Sarah J for doing such a nice job running the scan. Dan continues to be cheerful and otherwise his little, sweet self. We will post more … [Read more...]

Community Support Is Saving Pets’ Lives

Meet Dan, a beautiful puppy that came to All Better Pets about 6 months ago. He was adopted at about 12 weeks of age but returned due to being too active for the family. Later her was adopted and suddenly returned as the new owner was moving. Yesterday he was finally adopted again by a couple excited to welcome him into their home. After only 2 hours in his new home he became paralyzed in his rear limbs. It is believed that Dan, thinking he could fly jumped from a top step. Our hearts sank … [Read more...]

Meet Our Adoptable Pets …

One of our volunteers,Jodie Tsekrekas, has a great eye for pets in photography. She captures them in photos in a way that allows people to see their inner beauty, to see in them something that may not be obvious at first glance. Getting pets adopted takes a lot of work. Having people like Jodie put our pets out there in a way that someone 200 miles away may consider adopting from us is really powerful. We have put together some photos of pets currently waiting for adoption. Many of the photos … [Read more...]

Preparing for the 1st Annual Dog Paddle

All Better Pets is raising money for a new outdoor play area for the dogs. We thought that the Dragon Boat races in Boston would be a great way to increase awareness for the pets confined and waiting for homes. We also thought it would be a fun time for people to get together for a great cause. Our motto 'many hands make light work' will be put into action on June14th-15th 2014 as we all pull our boat to the finish line. We have about 15 paddlers so far (and are looking for a few more). Many … [Read more...]

Welcome! to the ABP Blog

We thought we would start a blog site to expand a little further on stories, ideas, updates. Currently there are about 23 pets at the shelter! That's a record for us. Sora (Charlotte) is coming along nicely. She had surgery about 1 week ago to remove the broken bone in her hip. She likely will be going home with one of the technicians at AVC that fell in love with her! … [Read more...]