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See Molly in Action

Thank you to everyone. The outpouring of support has been literally life-saving. Molly is doing great. Here is the video of her first walk 12 hours after surgery. We are over-joyed that people are willing to help our little shelter. We face many challenges with loving creatures that find themselves in crisis.     … [Read more...]

Molly’s Surgery is Done – Applause!

Molly is officially done and out of surgery! Headed for x-rays. Go team go! … [Read more...]

Surgery is Almost Complete!

Surgery is almost complete! Looking good! Your thoughts have helped immensely!   … [Read more...]

Molly’s Walkin’ Wheels Doggie Wheelchair

We wanted to take this moment to send out a special thank you to Handicapped Pets donated a Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair to Molly to help in her rehabilitation. This wheelchair will help Molly get around while her legs mend and she recuperates. Handicapped Pets provides all of the products, services and support that pet caretakers need to help their elderly, disabled and injured pets enjoy healthy, happy, active lives.  Learn more about Handicapped Pets by going to … [Read more...]

Pics during surgery

Here are some images of Molly showing how tough she is:   … [Read more...]

Some support for Molly before surgery

Last night, as Molly mentally and physically prepared for her long surgery, a friend came by to show support, love and toys/treats. We just wanted to share this with all of you :)   … [Read more...]

Tomorrow’s the big day for Molly

Molly is eating very well. She has had a few spikes in her temperature most likely due to excitement when her family is visiting. She wants so badly to get up but cannot so she starts panting and wagging her tail. Her temperature also goes up when she needs to pee. I'm sure she feels like it's a 'no no' to pee inside. Otherwise her temperature has been normal. Today we will check her red cell count to be sure the anemia is not any worse. If the anemia is worse, then a blood transfusion may need … [Read more...]

Your generosity has helped save Molly!

It's with a warm heart that we can happily say that we've reached and exceeded our goal for Molly! The money raised will go toward not only surgery but after care. Thank you to everyone! Molly's pain is well under control. She has finally started eating for us. We checked blood work and scanned her belly with ultrasound and except for a little anemia (bleeding into her bones) she appears to be okay! Surgery has been scheduled for Saturday. Our goal is to have all limbs repaired, which … [Read more...]

Molly’s Progress

Tracking Molly's Progress Molly came to us one cold winter evening with four broken legs after being hit by a plow truck. Her owner, a war veteran, couldn't afford to save her. But rather than humane euthanasia, the owner decided to surrender his dog so that we could find a way to save her. But, rather than save her and find her a new home, we feel it's important to reunite Molly with her owner. You can read more about Molly here, and track her progress below. Thanks for your … [Read more...]