For the Love of Cats

A few weeks ago, a nice woman, Carla,  stopped into the AVC Concord facility. She shared her story about how she and other volunteers in the Concord area cared for feral cats. Truly a cat lover, she simply could not turn away when there was an injured cat in need, even if a feral without an owner. Carla spends many hours per week trapping and caring for these feral cats.

“So how can I help,” I began to ask. Carla was looking for a facility that was open during odd hours (that would be us) and would be willing to help out with cats that had no one to care for them (that would be us too). “Okay, I agreed. If you do all the work of trapping and after-care I can at least help spay and neuter and be sure that these cats are rabies vaccinated”.  So we made a deal. Carla would then release these cats when appropriate, back to their outdoor home.

It just seemed like a natural extension for All Better Pets. Sometimes we find ourselves presented with feral cats and do not know what to do with them once their injury is cared for. Releasing a cat back into the wild takes experience and knowledge: “where do you release them; what time of year; will they have food”? For an animal lover, the thought of releasing a cat into the wild is filled with emotions that include guilt and anxiety.

A relationship with For the Love of Cats, helps us safely care for and release feral cats. It also gives us access to some incredible cat lovers! Networking for the sake of caring for our domesticated cats and finding them loving homes is also an important mission for us.



There are so many people giving their time and money to these invisible cats. One in particular is Al Cilley. He has been caring for Concord area cats twice a day 7 days a week for the past 25 years! I figure it’s the least I can do to help. Please consider joining us in support of these wonderful people!